The organisation was established on the 1st January 2012 after the contraction of the Metropolitan Fire Department, Directorate of the Civil Defence and the Hungarian Airport Directorate of Disaster Recovery.

The first task of the new directorate is to suit the requirements of the standard state-run disaster recovery organisation in point of control, training, qualification, control on operation. Our main tasks are the recovery against disasters, emergency prevention, contribution in damage mop-ups. We do our duty on behalf of the personal and financial safety of the metropolitan inhabitants.

The Teritorial Department Units of the Metropolitan Directorate of Disaster Recovery are:

North-Buda Sub- Office (SO) District I;II;III;XII
South-Buda SO District XI; XXI., XXII.
North-Pest SO District IV., XIII., XIV., XV., XVI
Central-Pest SO District V., VI. VII., VIII., IX., X.
South-Pest SO District XVII., XVIII., XIX., XX., XXIII